Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ibán's done

I realised I promised to keep you up to date with Ibán's situation. It's been a long time since I last posted something. I've missed it, no doubt, and I'll be back, just not quite yet. Anyway, Ibán... Read an interview with him a week or so ago. I know there's been some rumours about a comeback, possibly with Xacobeo-Galicia, but that was, as I thought, just that. Rumours. He's decided to quit the sport all together, and won't be making a comeback. It's over. And he seems content with his decision. Amidst all this, I guess that's what matters the most. Initially I was worried for him after he was exposed as a cheater. We all know he isn't at his best when things go bad, he'd be the first one to admit that. He seems to be a very sensitive guy, so I was worried that his downfall would break him. Therefore I was relieved to read El Correo's interview with him; he seemed totally at peace with his life and situation. Besides writing a column for Basque daily DEIA now and then, he didn't reveal what he's up to now. Anyway, it's sad to realise we won't get to see him on his bike anymore, dancing up those mountains. It was a joy to watch, and man what a talent that guy was. Now all that's left is the memories of a merculiar climber. I'll cherish those memories.


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