Monday, October 14, 2013

Bernaudeau admits interest in Sicard

According to reports in France, Romain Sicard might be on the verge of joining Europcar.

The once-prodigious French-Basque is - like most of his Euskaltel team-mates - without a team for next year, but Jean-René Bernaudeau's outfit might come to his rescue.

If Europcar indeed does apply for a WorldTour license, they'd need to expand their roster - cue the interest in Sicard.

Speaking to French daily Sud-Ouest this weekend, Bernaudeau admitted he's pondering hiring the 25-year-old.

"To relaunch his career? That might be a good idea", he said of the former sub-23 world road race champion and Tour de l'Avenir victor.

This quote was posted on Sicard's Facebook account yesterday, but the guys running his account warned that one shouldn't "draw any hasty conclusions" based on this one comment. In the comments section below, they even flirted with the idea of joining Spain's only remaining Professional Continental team: Caja Rural.

If Sicard doesn't end up being team-mates with Voeckler, Rolland and co. - or joining old friend Amets Txurruka at the popular green squad for that matter - there's a very real possibility he'll return to the amateur scene.

According to his old sports director at Entente Sud Gascogne, Dominique Arnaud, that would be a tragedy.

"If he had to stop riding, or even go back to being an amateur, it would be nothing short of a disaster", he's quoted as saying in El Corrreo.

Photo: BCPT


Preparador físico said...

qué recuerdos de los mejores tiempos de euskaltel!

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