Friday, March 19, 2010

País Vasco long-list

The Vuelta al País Vasco is rapidly approaching, and is once again one of the team's most important races. The race, which will run from 5-10 of April, will see eight of these ten riders take part: Samu, Beñat, Gorka, Egoi, Alan, Rubén, Iván, JJ, Mikel and Amets. Samu is, of course, the leader and will no doubt take part. I reckon so too will Egoi, Gorka and Rubén and Alán as well. That leaves JJ, Mikel, Amets, Beñat and Iván to fight it out for the three remaining spots. Judging by their form and the parcours, I'd take Beñat, JJ and Mikel, but that's just me.

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