Monday, March 15, 2010

Rubén on the attack (again)

Every day's the same for Euskaltel in Tirreno: one gets away in a break, gets reeled in, and we're left with nothing. Today it was Rubén's turn again to give it a go. He got into a dangerous-looking break early on but, as anticipated, got caught near the finish. Amets saw this as an incentive to attack and duly did so. His attack five clicks from the line didn't stick though, but it was an honourable try nonetheless. The stage ended with a small climb, so again JJ was the team's best man, this time grabbing 19th, just 22 seconds down. Amets came home 25th, at 31, Iñaki 30th at 36, Rubén 50th at 1:52, Jorge 56th at 12:52, Alan 96th at the same time, while Pablo ended the day placed 130th, 17:25 back. These results mean JJ climbed to 11th overall, so well done to him.

1 comment:

Bolsen3 said...

11th overall in one of the biggest one week stage races, thats actually very good! I'm impressed!


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