Thursday, October 20, 2011

Durán up for grabs?

Having turned pro at 19 and been touted as the 'new Miguel Induráin' ever since, Vitoria-born Arkaitz Durán has amazingly never been affiliated with Euskaltel or its Continental and sub-23 teams. That may, just may, be about to change now that Geox have sensationally decided to pull the plug on its sponsorship at the worst imaginable time on its eponymous team. Don't get me wrong: Geox-TMC disappearing just like that is bad for the sport, bad for Spanish cycling, bad for the riders and bad for the staff. But there might be a silver lining for Euskaltel.

Euskaltel are officially done and dusted with their transfer dealings for the year. 23 riders are contracted for 2012 and that's all the team's limited budget can take. But if it turns out Durán is indeed available, one would hope Madariaga and co. have got a bit of cash in reserve. Obviously Durán hasn't delivered on his promise - one would be forgiven for asking what all the hype's about. He's virtually got no results to show for whatsoever. But, to me at least, there's no denying the lanky 25-year-old is one of the most talented riders to come out from the Basque Country since, well, Induráin. The lovers of Basque cycling say he's got something special in him. Still only 25, I reckon he's still got time on his side - he might come good in a different environment. An unknown quantity to many, he'd be an exciting addition to the team. But for now it's just my wishful thinking. If the heads of Euskaltel would even consider it I don't know. But they most definitely should.

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Remo said...

Totally agree ! Duran has got a lot of potential and i feel he can do an excellent job with "us" !
Ny fear however, is that we've closen up the ranks for next season...


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