Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Official ranking: Euskaltel 19th

VeloFutur got it almost right when they suggested Euskaltel would place 18th in the final UCI WorldTour-rankings: the UCI released its official rankings today and the team ended up 19th. That one place means nothing as it's still a competition between the teams ranked 16th to 20th for the last three places. What does matter though is the fact that - contrary to VeloFutur's rankings - Skil doesn't figure in the top 20 and is thus out of the running completely. In comes Geox-TMC, which is curious to say the least given that their sponsor pulled out last week. They're in all likelihood headed for extinction, so they're highly unlikely to obtain a licence. That means, theoretically anyway, that Euskaltel is up against a trio of French teams: Ag2r, Europcar and FJD. Given both Euskaltel and Ag2r are in possession of licences already, I'm guessing they're both safe and it'll be a straight duel between Voeckler's Europcar and the home of young French hopefuls that is FDJ for the last berth.


Stephen said...

I'm on holiday on the 1st when the announcement is made....I can just hear the Mrs now 'put that bloody phone away, you don't have to be on the internet all day long!!'

Magnus, please post the -hopefully good - news as soon as possible!

Magnus said...

I will, don't worry about that! And, yeah, I think it'll be good news.


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