Sunday, November 13, 2011

Peña Jorge Azanza

Professional photographer Iñaki Azanza sent over the following images from last night's Peña Jorge Azanza party where his brother Jorge, who's about to embark on his sixth year with the team, had his annual dinner with friends and colleagues. Among the attendees were team masseur Murgia, former Euskaltel riders Galdós, Lafuente and Galparsoro, Orbea rider Zabalo and team-mates Isasi, Sáez and Gorka Izagirre.


arnout said...

They look like they had some alcohol. Did the police check if the traffic signs are still in place? :P

Anyway, he didn't report the names of the girls there? Sorry, childish, but couldn't let it pass :D

Magnus said...

Haha, no traffic signs - or cones! - were reported found.


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