Thursday, May 31, 2007

Koldo unlucky

It was another case of bad luck for Koldo in the Giro today. With only 700 metres to go, two Ag2r riders crashed just in front of him, something that made him lose his position. From then on, he didn`t stand a chance naturally, and gave up. He came in 12th, and will no doubt rue another missed chance. Though, there`s still one stage left where he can claim a win, and that`s on the last stage into Milano. There he will no doubt have the backing of his remaining 3 team-mates, who did an awesome job today at the front to bring the break back. Antton Luengo payd for his good efforst by losing 1:19 today, while Markel Irizar and Iván Velasco both came in with the pack.


euskaltel91 said...

What a bad luck for koldo again!!!!

I can't believe it!!
I now do think that there is a higher power on this planet!
Normally he should have got 2 stages.
You'll rock milano!
Aupa Koldo!

Magnus said...

Totally agree with you, he`s been so unlucky in Italy.

Monika said...

The whole team has been unlucky in Italy... :(

Magnus said...

That`s true. I`ve in fact been quite impressed by them.


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