Sunday, February 17, 2008

Aitor 5th in Andalucía

Aitor Galdos got off to a good start in the Vuelta a Andalucía today. He sprinted to 5th place, and as three riders came in ahead of the pack, that's really good. A break got away early and stayed away, so there wasn't a sprint for the win. Still Aitor sprinted, and he was only beaten by Giovanni Visconti. Seeing the list of sprinters taking part in this race, and considering Aitor's form, I reckon there's a big possibility Aitor might win a stage in this race. Time will tell... As for the other riders, all of them, except for Josu who came in 8:24 down, came in with the peloton 3:38 back. Dioni was 16th, Jorge 28th, Igor 29th, Jon 32nd and Mikel was 35th. As a result Euskaltel is 5th in the team ranks going into the second stage.


arnout said...!image/648617606.jpg

Photo from pelotonsprint

Magnus said...

Great pic, thanks:D Great to see him so close to "winning" a rather steep uphill finish!


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