Friday, February 01, 2008

Training camp for Euskaltel

Euskaltel will hold a training camp from this Sunday, the 3rd, 'till the 9th of February. The camp will be staged in Calpe, wherever that is. The team will mainly train, but will also seek to finalize the riders' calendars.


Arnout said...

Good timing, they can make the Girosquad :D

Euskaltel is invited by Giro - organisation, great news! Giro will be fun to watch then (though I have exams so probably it was better that they weren't invited ;) ).

Monika said...

Calpe is in the east coast, a small time between Valencia and Alicante. Beautiful!!!

Monika said...

Town, not time :P

Anonymous said...

Calpe is a lovely coastal town on the Costa Blanca, with a backdrop of a massive rocky crag rearing out of the sea. There are some good training climbs, like the Col de Ratés nearby.

Anonymous said...

in what hotel does the team stay and at what hour do they start their training.

is the training in group?

nice to make some photos by the start of the training

thanks for answering..


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