Sunday, February 03, 2008

Time to shine, Jon

When Jon Bru signed on for Euskaltel prior to last season, I had big expectations for him. I had followed his career with L.A.-Pecol and Kaiku, and was impressed, so I was glad he finally joined his native team. Strong on hilly terrain and a quite fast finisher, I was hoping he would add some much-needed wins to the team in 2007. It would be fair to say he didn't live up to expectations; mine at least. Jon went missing for much of the season, but secured a prolongation to his contract after showing glimpses of form in the late-season. A strong ride in Poland, where he finished 15th overall, if I'm not mistaken, convinced the Euskaltel heads that Jon still had it in him. He's still only 30, even though he's been in the business for ages it seems. Though, he was far from the form of old all year long. Jon will be hoping to put his qualities on show this year, mainly in the early-season and in the hilly Classics. The Classics have always been Jon's playground, and he'll look to perform considerably better this time around. Jon has got what it takes to win races at the very highest level; he's fast, he can climb, he's got flair, he's good in the breaks. And, most of all, he's blessed with talent. He's a natural, as people say. If he can rediscover his form, Jon will be a valuable part of the Euskaltel team in years to come. I really hope, and think, that this might be the year Jon takes that step. Aupa Jon!

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