Friday, July 01, 2011

Castroviejo "hurt" by IGDG criticism; denies Movistar switch

Jonathan Castroviejo's reportedly likely switch to Movistar for the 2012 season has caused quite the stir among Basque and Spanish cycling fans alike. Apparently none were more angered than Euskaltel head Igor González de Galdeano, who, rather unprofessionally, vented his anger in the Spanish media last week. The former Tour yellow jersey-wearer claimed Castroviejo has failed to appreciate the work done for him by the team and the Fundación (Castroviejo came through the Orbea ranks remember), and criticized the Movistar team in the process for unsettling his charge mid-season. Speaking to Biciciclismo, the Tour de Romandie prologue-winner revealed his disappointment: "I'm hurt (by his comments). Reports of me signing with Movistar are not entirely true as I've not yet signed and a lot of things can still happen. I have several offers on the table and I'll opt for the one that makes most sense to me from a sporting point of view." Castroviejo's off, make no mistake. Him saying it's not "entirely true" just goes to prove the opposite. Still, GDG should know better than to mouth off in the media. In-fighting should be just that: fighting inside the team. Not in public.

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