Saturday, September 22, 2012

"For a Basque like me, this is the best"

The news of Garikoitz Bravo signing for Euskaltel was hardly surprising. The prodigious Caja Rural rider has shown plenty of promise in his first few years in the professional ranks, and admits he's been trying to hitch a ride with the orange team for quite some time.

"For a Basque like me, riding with this team is the best", he told Marca. "I've been trying for years. I did some tests some years ago in Derio (the team's headquarters outside Bilbao), but the time's right now, I've been a pro for three years. I've been given a fantastic opportunity, and I'll try to grab it with both hands. I know I'll be fine here and, as I've shown this year, I've got what it takes to do well".

Amets Txurruka leaving the team has caused quite an uproar in Euskal Herria this week, and the 23-year-old admits "it's a shame" he won't be around next year. Euskaltel are set to unveil a batch of non-Basque signings before the end of the month, and the native of Lazkao intimated that Carlos Barredo, who's been heavily linked to the team for the last couple of months, is set to join him at Euskaltel.

Photo: Caja Rural


Josh Buehner said...

I really miss Caja's setup last year. The most striking kits in the peloton. Plus the clean white Catlikes and BH bikes...pure Spanish style.

And now? Don't get me started on those ridiculous Bulgarian ViVelo bikes.

Kristof said...

Barredo? Someone who is dismissed by his own team for doping reasons. Yeah, if they buy this man instead of Txurru, I sell my Eus shirt.

Magnus said...

Would be weird indeed to buy a guy like Barredo what with his past. And it's not like he's got a ton of points either...

Josh, what's so bad about the ViVelo bikes? Obviously I agree with you, I love BH bikes, but I think the ones they have now are quite cool as well!


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