Thursday, September 13, 2012

Want to write?

Due to restrictions on my time, I'm looking for someone to help keep this site up to date with all the latest on Basque Cycling. If you feel like contributing in one way or another, be it through race reports, longer articles, short news briefs or whatever, feel free to contact me by mail ( and we'll take it from there. As it's quite time consuming to keep track of the different teams and riders, bringing in a few extra writers would ease the burden somewhat and give the site some much-needed new input.


arnout said...


I'm hesitating to react, because I don't have that much time either: it means I respect you even more for updating so frequently and comprehensively, it's a massive job I'm sure.

I'm willing to contribute though, but it would probably be limited to one, maximum two, pieces a week: an interview, a race review or something, but I really don't want to over stress myself as I'm in my last university year.

If you're still happy with that, I'll contact you.

Magnus said...

Arnout, two guys are set to join in the near future, but I'd love to have you on the "team" as well, no matter how few pieces you have the time to write. Send me an e-mail!


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