Thursday, September 20, 2012

Remembering Víctor Cabedo

"This is a very hard hit. We're in pieces. We've come across tough times in the past, but we've never before seen one of our boys die".

Fundación Euskadi president Miguel Madariaga is as shocked as everyone else at 23-year-old Víctor Cabedo's death Wednesday afternoon. Innumerable condolences and moving obituaries have been written, but as I've only ever spoken to him once myself, I won't reflect too much upon the person that Víctor Cabedo was or the joy he undoubtedly brought to the people around him. I'll leave that to the ones who knew him better. So what I'll do is to provide you a few links to articles written in the memory of Cabedo in the aftermath of his passing.

Here's a selection worth reading:
Samu, himself a great friend of Cabedo's, has spoken of his sadness. Read Samu's thoughts here.

The riders at Euskaltel have also gotten together to write a short open letter. Read what the guys have to say about their fallen team-mate here

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