Tuesday, January 22, 2008

CAS to rule on March 1

The Court of Arbitration for Sport has announced that a ruling on Iban's case will probably be issued on the 1st of March. The Spanish Cycling Federation has 'till the 28th of January to come up with their defence. The RFEC will turn to Iban's lawyers, who'll decide the way to go in the trial. The CAS' decision is definite, and both parties will have to accept the ruling.


Arnout said...

March 1. Then he can probably do Paris - Nice :D

Well, great to see a final date. This soap is really nearly finished. Its good that there is no possibility of an appeal. UCI or Mayo just have to accept, so 1 March will be the end of all speculations.

I guess Mayo gets justice on his side, UCI didn't hold their own rules. We'll see. It will be a nervous day for me anyway.

Magnus said...

It will for all of us I'm sure

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the CAS is completely independent then and acts accordingly. If It's clear that the UCI broke its own rules in asking for a third test, then we will see the verdict that we all want, but who's to bet that they will claim, as the second test was 'inconclusive' that they didn't.

Anonymous said...


The problem is if the UCI has anything to prove that in Australia hasnt any test


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