Thursday, January 03, 2008

Samu to race León

Yeah, big news huh? I know it's not the most interesting post, but Samu will race the Vuelta a Castilla y León in March. A host of top riders will be there, among them Menchov, Sastre, Contador, Leipheimer, you name 'em. It's getting increasingly difficult to find anything to write about these days, as there are practically no news on Iban or Euskaltel. I'm running on empty, but I hope it's better than nothing. I found this "news" just now and, as I'm trying to post something every day, it's the best I can do right now...


azanca02 said...

Magnus, Don't stress about it. We all trust that you will have the news when it is available. Plus it is the off season so nothing exciting will be happening anyways. Even only puts up one post a day right now.

Magnus said...

Thanks, great to hear you trust me:D


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