Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bizkarra delighted with first win

Mikel Bizkarra was a happy young man on Saturday after having obtained his very first win in Murgia. "I've been waiting for it", he admitted to Basque daily DEIA. "I'm not very fast in the sprints, and so I know I won't win often. But I have to give it my all in the hard races, and on Saturday it finally happened. Lately Pello had been talking about the possibilities of doing a one-two and let me take the win, and it happened!" Speaking of the Baby Giro, in which he, along with his mates, seemed to struggle, Mikel said: "It was a very good experience. It was a different kind of cycling; longer stages, higher level. The truth is that the first few days were miserable for us, but we improved as the stages went by. We started out badly but finished quite well and were active. I'm pleased with the experience."

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