Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rubén sprints to 10th on eve of ITT

Rubén sprinted to an honourable 10th place on today's 19th stage of the Tour. He was up there in the closing kilometres and handled himself well among all the big sprinter teams. Except for that there's not much to write about. Samu suffered, naturally, but made it through. So too did all the other guys. Speaking of tomorrow's deciding time trial, which Samu will confront with a 21-second advantage over Menchov, he said: "Menchov is a great rider with a lot of experience, but I've got confidence in myself. It's more than 50 kilometres long and the result will depend on how well you've recovered. The last TT in a GT depends more on what you've got left in the tank than your ability against the clock". I expect it to be a close shave, but, ever the pessimist, I'm afraid 21 seconds won't suffice. But then again I've been wrong before.

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