Monday, July 12, 2010

Rest-day talk

As per tradition on rest-days, team chief Galdeano have his verdict on the race and his team's fortune so far. "We've reached the first rest-day. A break always comes in handy, but even more so now. It'll allow us to recover from the efforts and the crashes of this very hectic first week. Amets and Juanjo have had to go home and we'll miss them. They're riders who get better as the race unfolds and could have gotten into breaks... But there's still a lot of racing to be done and we're prepared. We've been in numerous breaks, and if Samu had won yesterday we would already have obtained our objective. The result gives us confidence facing the remainder of the Tour and hopefully there will be more opportunities. I've got faith in this team and I'm sure we'll come up with the goods".

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