Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Antón a no-go for Giro GC

Igor Antón has moved to play down his chances of winning the upcoming Giro d'Italia, saying he'll aim for a stage-win more than for the general classification. Speaking to Alain Laiseka and DEIA, the featherweight climber said: "I'm very motivated for that race as it's my favourite. But I'm calm, I'm looking for a stage-win, not for the GC, as the last week is simply terrible". The fact that the last week is "terrible" should suit Antón, so I can't quite understand why he'd give that as a reason for not focussing on the overall. I think this is Antón and Euskaltel trying to play down expectations to be honest. If Igor's even remotely close to the leader board going into the last week and all those climbs, trust me, he'll aim for the GC.


Anonymous said...

You are right.


arnout said...

He's trying to do the same thing as he did before the Vuelta 2010. When he's up there, I don't expect him to back off.


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