Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rubén Pérez happy with Down Under adventure

Rubén Pérez is currently taking part in the World Tour curtain-raiser Tour Down Under for the first time. Writing a diary-like entry at, he doesn't regret making the long trip to the other side of the planet. "This year I've started the season almost a month earlier than usual", he wrote. "Climate-wise, make that five months. I wanted to come and race here, and so far I'm very pleased. Aside from practicing this sport, this passion of mine, I've been able to see kangaroos, koalas and a beautiful country. These first two stages have been for the sprinters. The pace has been high and the level of sprinters down here is superb. But that makes it dangerous as well. It's the start of the season, we're all keen, and we enter the last kilometre with force and like 'locos'. There have been too many falls, but I hope that's going to change. Personally, I feel better every day. The jet-lag is disappearing and I hope to mix it up soon. With my team, which I feel are very motivated, we're here, on form, to reach our goals, which is to grab points for the World Tour-ranking among other things.

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