Thursday, January 27, 2011

"No one can copy us"

Igor González de Galdeano waxed lyrical about the uniqueness of his team to DEIA here the other day. "This team has united a whole country", he told Alain Laiseka. "That's the team's big accomplishment. It seemed that the team Euskaltel-Euskadi was the idea and project of the Basque Government and the number one party when it was established, but now another party has taken over and they still support us. To actually have the word 'Euskadi' in the team-name is what sets this team apart from many other teams. No other team is like that. The Andalucía and Xacobeo teams... They were unfruitful attempts do to what we've done. Also in Britain they tried to do something similar. They asked Miguel Madariaga for acvice on how to do it, how to pull something like this off. But it didn't help them. Euskaltel-Euskadi can not be immitated. Also you've got Astana, Katusha, the Luxembourg team... But those are countries with big economic resources. Euskaltel is the only team with the name of it's country being part of the team-name. What hurts me is that most people will only realise what this team means when it disappears, if it disappears. Miguel always talks about how this team has no end. I don't know, but I'm used to the fact that everything comes to an end."

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