Monday, May 16, 2011

Antón cherishing rest-day

The Euskaltel riders are at the time of writing enjoying the Giro's first rest-day in Marina di Basto just outside of Pescara. After nine stressful and hectic stages the jornada de reposo couldn't have come at a better time for Antón and co. "This day of rest will do us the world of good", he told the team's website earlier today. "We've been through nine stressful and nervous stages. We've also done the first real mountain stage, which is always hard. The transfers between the stages also take their toll, so this calm day comes in handy". Reflecting on the Giro so far, Antón sounded pleased with his performance: "I'm pleased with this first part. It's been nine tense day with much to lose and little to gain. The only negatives are the falls of Oroz, Minguez and Azanza, but fortunately they've been able to carry on. I'm happy not to have ceded a lot of time - that's always a positive - but it hasn't obsessed me. The main goal was to avoid crashes and the like and arrive at the mountains in good shape". Speaking of yesterday's epic stage to the top of the Etna, the Galdakao local said: "I'm pleased with my ride as I felt good, but I noticed the efforts of a very demanding first week. The seconds that I lost doesn't bother me. I feel I can still improve slightly, and if I do so I hope I can be in contention for a stage win. Now three days of wearing down awaits us, but we hope to get through them in fine form. And then all hell will break loose in the Giro".


azanca02 said...

Totally not related to this topic but I just got one of the new Orbea Odin helmets and it is awesome!

Magnus said...

What's it like? I'm contemplating getting one myself you see!

azanca02 said...

The airflow is incredible. The construction is really unique as well. You can def. tell they spent a lot of time designing it. It does fit small though so go a size up. I think in Europe the have 5 sizes instead of three. It is very compact as well. very comfortable if you get the right fit. It rest on the all the right spots of your head if you know what I mean.


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