Thursday, May 05, 2011

Investigation against Mayo dropped

French police have dropped an investigation into Ibán Mayo (as well as Vino and Moreni) stemming from that fateful 2007 Tour de France, it emerged today. The three riders' hotel rooms had been searched in the wake of them testing positive earlier on and the police were alleged to have found doping-related products in one or more of these rooms. The public prosecutor in Pau started a criminal investigation, but reportedly did not receive the needed assistance from the UCI to continue the case against the three riders. The investigator had requested the UCI to send over the riders' positive tests to further their case, but the (mildly-put) laughable governing body of cycling that is is the UCI did not comply. Or so the story goes anyway. The UCI is of course saying this isn't the case, but who would put money on that being true? Anyway, no formal charges will be brought against Mayo, Vino and Moreni. While obviously a big relief for the riders, this is sure to anger pretty much everyone else I reckon. Well done UCI.

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