Wednesday, May 18, 2011


  • Orbea will send five riders to the prestigious Ronde de l'Isard commencing this Friday. Mikel Bizkarra, Aritz Bagües, Víctor Cabedo, Noel Martín and Jon Aberasturi will take on the three-stage race. DS Álex Díaz was tentative when speaking to the team's website earlier today, highlighting the fact that "the level will be very high as big teams from Germany and Russia will take part", but also went on to confirm that the team "is doing well", and that they'll "try to mix it up despite the difficulty of the stages".
  • Naturgas Energía didn't have the best of luck in the past weekend's races in Berriatua and Natxitua. Young prodigy Igor Merino made the break in the former but slipped on a downhill and naturally slipped out of contention. In Natxitua, main man Grijalba had to abandon due to stomach troubles, resulting in no top 10 finish for the team in either race.
  • Speaking of Igor Merino, the all-rounder told Gara yesterday that he's harbouring hopes of making the step up to Orbea next year. "It's the dream of everyone in this team to one day turn professional. I'm not putting pressure on myself, though, as pressure will not help me succeed. All I'm thinking of is to continue to do what I'm doing: working hard and giving it my all." Speaking of the remainder of the season, he revealed, not surprisingly, that he's aiming for the national and Basque time trial championships.

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