Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Castroviejo confirms exit, says he didn't fit in

Jonathan Castroviejo has confirmed he will be leaving Euskaltel for Movistar and claims Euskaltel's leadership structure is the main reason. Speaking to BiciCiclismo, the young time triallist said he didn't really fit in. "Euskaltel is a team with some undisputed leaders, and this doesn't suit me 100%", he lamented, perhaps hinting at a lack of leadership possibilities. "As a result I've opted for a change of scenery, but speaking as a professional and a Basque I don't discard one day returning to this team. I'm very grateful for the faith they've shown in me. Igor González de Galdeano and Miguel Madariaga gave me a chance in Orbea, first, and then with Euskaltel. I'm indebted to them. Now we'll be rivals, but I'll nonetheless strive to maintain the excellent rapport I have built up with my colleagues here over these years."

Some disappointed Euskaltel fans have - since the news broke - claimed Castroviejo was just in it for the money, but the rider denies this. "It hasn't been a question of money", he said. "It's been a question of finding the team best suited to me. I had three very interesting offers to choose from, and I opted for a team I feel have the same aims and goals as I do."

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