Thursday, September 29, 2011

Galdeano's departure shrouded in mystery

Igor González de Galdeano left Euskaltel for "personal reasons". That's the official version. According to DEIA, that's not necessarily the case.

Sources have told the well-informed Basque daily that the relationship between Galdeano and Fundación head Madariaga is not what it once was. Allegedly, Galdeano was not happy with the way the project was shaping up for the future, neither on an economic nor on a sporting level. This "rift" is supposed to have surfaced before this year's Giro d'Italia way back in May. Madariaga denies any such "rift", but does admit Galdeano's resignation wasn't totally unexpected. "It's something Igor has been talking about for some time", he stated. "After the Tour it became apparent that he would leave. We decided to wait 'till after the Vuelta before making if official. But Igor is still my best friend."

Another source has it that Galdeano was growing tired of continuously having to deal with sponsors that weren't willing to provide the necessary funds. Galdeano was concerned about the future of the team - a "dark" future - and the departures of talented riders like Intxausti and, more recently, Castroviejo. Insufficient funds and support (especially from the Basque government) mean Euskaltel can not compete with the top teams in the sport, and thus the team is forced to let its prized assets leave.

Yet another source claims Galdeano couldn't take the constant pressure that comes with leading a project like Euskaltel any more. The work-load has gotten the better of him. "Only Madariaga can handle this amount of pressure", Galdeano is quoted as saying.

The newspaper goes on to say that he'll likely take a full year off next year before returning with another team in 2013. Miguel Madariaga will take over Galdeano's role in the team as of 1 january 2012.

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