Friday, September 30, 2011

Galdeano denies Madariaga-rift

Departing general manager Igor González de Galdeano has denied that a rift with Fundación president Miguel Madariaga is the reason for his leaving. Talking to Basque daily El Correo, Galdeano was keen to put the rumours to bed.

"My decision to leave has got nothing to do with Miguel Madariaga. Let me make it clear: it was a personal decision. Focusing on Madariaga is a big mistake. He's always been there for me 100%. We have a great relationship. We've been working side by side for six years, and I think we go well together. I've got so much to thank Madariaga for. Our relationship will last a life-time."

Galdeano went on to say he's not planning to take a year off next year, but in this moment in time he's not sure what the future holds. He said leaving his job at Euskaltel was no knee-jerk reaction though, having planned it for a year or so. "I started to think about leaving in October last year. I told Madariaga of my intentions prior to this year's Giro, and by the end of the Tour I had made up my mind".

He reiterated that the time-consuming nature of the job is what made him leave, saying he was exhausted. "I'm tired of having no days off. It really is a 365-days a year job. It wears you out. I had to take this decision".

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