Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Galdeano to step down

Euskaltel head Igor González de Galdeano will step down from the post of general manager at the end of the season and leave the team altogether. The surprising news broke earlier this afternoon, and according to the team's website, Galdeano's retirement is due to "personal reasons". Speaking to, Fundación president Miguel Madariaga seemed taken aback by the news.

"I've had a chat with him, and the only thing I asked of him was to stay 'till the end of the year. Igor will himself explain why he's decided to take this measure when he sees fit," Madariaga, who enjoys a close personal relationship with the former rider, said.

The man himself was keen to highlight that this by no means signals an end to the team or Euskaltel's WorldTour-status, saying:

"This is not the end for this team. I need new challenges in my life, so that's why I've opted to leave. My relationship with Miguel is more than simply a professional one. I guess that's why leaving this project is so hard for me. I've served this team for six years now, and I have complete faith in the directors that have worked by my side to take this project forward. They know the team and the project's value. Miguel still has a great team at his disposal and, of course, he can always count on my support."

De Galdeano will stay in the job 'till the turn of the year. Who'll take his place is yet to be decided, but the team confirmed that they'll make changes to the team's structure (whatever that means) in the near future. Stay tuned for more news.


racejunkie said...

What a loss for Euskaltel! He has supported some great established riders and developed some really exciting new talent during his tenure. I hope all is well with Galdeano. Aw, rats!

Magnus said...

Yeah, it really is a bummer. It'll be exciting to see who'll take his place. I'm betting on Gorka Gerrikagoitia.

Mikel said...

Madariaga told yesterday in etb (basque tv) that Gerrikagoitia will take all the sport issues, and he (Madariaga) will recover the other functions he delegated Galdeano in the past.


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