Saturday, January 14, 2012

Galdeano "open" to lead "different" Euskaltel

It seems Igor González de Galdeano might not have left Euskaltel for good after all. The former rider left his office exactly a fortnight ago, but says in an interview with El Diario Vasco that he's not ruling out leading a "different project" in the future.

The "different project" he's alluding to is of course the 2013 edition of the team - a financially sounder team under the control of telephone company Euskaltel, perhaps even with non-Basques making up the roster.

"Euskaltel haven't called me or told me anything about this 'case'. When I left the team, it was because I wanted some time off. That's why I told them I wouldn't join any other team. I explained to them why, but I also said I would be open to lead a different project".

Despite obviously not being alien to the idea, he's still not keen to talk about an imminent return.

"To be honest, it hasn't been an option. To this day, no one has called me. That's the truth. Now I just want to relax".

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