Monday, January 30, 2012

Team presentation

Euskaltel anno 2012 were today unveiled to the press in a rather subdued team presentation in the Gran Hotel Lakua in the Basque capital of Vitoria. All 23 riders were present, along with staff, Igor González de Galdeano, Euskaltel president Alberto García Erauzkin, Orbea head Jon Fernández, sponsor representatives and a host of local celebrities.

As team presentations go, inspirational speeches were aplenty. Here's what general manager Miguel Madariaga had to say:

"2011 was an unforgettable season for us. We triumphed in all three Grand Tours; the two biggest stages in the Giro, a stage in the Tour with Samu... We'll never forget winning the polkadot jersey. Considering what we represent and what we've achieved on the world stage, we can't disappear".

For a full overview of what the main players had to say, click this link.

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