Sunday, February 26, 2012

Naturgas weekend round-up

Naturgas Energía got their domestic season underway this weekend with races on Saturday and Sunday. Up on Saturday was the Torneo Euskaldun-opener in Zumaia, while Sunday marked the first race in the Trofeo Lehendakari series in Soraluze.

Speedy sprinter Unai Iparragirre of Bidelan took the win on Saturday courtesy of his fast finish. New Naturgas signing Francisco Javier Martín impressed on his debut with a fine sixth place finish, while Alain González and Loic Chetout weren't far behind in 13th and 14th. Three riders in the top 15 made sure the new-look sub-23 outfit (check out the new jersey above) took out the team win. The remaining riders on the team, i.e. Estevez, Baudron, Etxeberria, Larrinaga, Comins, Iturria and García, finished inside the pack, except for the latter who came in 6:23 in arrears.

Former Naturgas prodigy Fernando Grijalba, now riding for Caja Rural, climbed to an impressive win in Soraluze earlier today at the top of the San Andrés climb after a taxing 118km race. Jon Larrinaga (pictured left) displayed his increasing prowess on the steeper ramps with a solid fourth place finish just five seconds down. Full results:
  • (1, Fernando Grijalba, Caja Rural)
  • 4, Jon Larrinaga, 0:05
  • 16, Loic Chetout, 0:54
  • 17, Victor Etxeberria, s.t.
  • 25, Mikel Iturria, 3:14
  • 27, Damien Garcia, 3:23
  • 29, Pablo Comins, 3:29
  • 33, Imanol Estevez, 3:57
  • 62, Francisco Javier Martín, 5:49
  • 115, Oier Sánchez, 13:22

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