Monday, February 20, 2012

"We might change our philosophy"

Euskaltel's general manager Miguel Madariaga has once again opened up to the possibility of a change of philosophy at the team - but says it all depends on the eventual new sponsor. Current main sponsor Euskaltel - the telephone company that is - have a deal with the team running through this year and are yet to pen an extension to their engagement. As it stands now, it seems the team will open up to foreigners if that's the way Euskaltel, or any other sponsor for that matter, wants it.

"We could alter our philosophy and open up to foreigners - it pretty much depends on the the wishes of the sponsor we hope to find", Madariaga told Marca. "Right now, we're undecided. First of all we need to get a sponsor onboard. If the new backer allows us to go ahead with our current philosophy then great, but if that's not the case we might have to look at things anew. I don't think it's realistic that the team disappears, though".

What might lie ahead in 2013 will continue to be subject to conjecture for quite a while yet. At the time being, Madariaga is more preoccupied with the team's financial health.

"What's worst at the moment is that we've been working with the same budget for the last half a decade. Actually, I've been forced to make some cuts due to the Basque government reducing their support. We're looking for another sponsor to make up for the money we've lost. I don't think we'll struggle this year, but we definitely have to find something for the future. We have the smallest budget in the WorldTour - it's even smaller than many Pro Conti-teams! It hasn't gotten any bigger in the last five years, and that's not to be recommended".

"Our budget amounts to approximately seven million euros. We need nine to be competitive".

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Stephen said...

If I win the lottery this weekend I'll give him the extra 2million, be well worth it!


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