Sunday, February 03, 2013

Euskaltel go missing in Bessèges time trial

Euskaltel concluded their Etoile de Bessèges participation in an anonymous manner on Sunday afternoon, failing to place a rider inside the top 40 in a short individual time trial.

While all general classification hopes had gone out the window beforehand thanks to five low-key performances earlier in the week, there was still ample opportunity to finish the race with a fling considering the modest participation in the French event.

That wasn't to be, though, as Ricardo Mestre's 45th place was as good as it got for Galdeano's riders. Team captain Romain Sicard had an average day in the saddle, coming home two places further down en route to 34th overall.

Jure Kocjan's four Europe Tour points (courtesy of his fifth-place finish on today's morning stage) were the sole points accumulated by the team at the race.

Results (full results here):
  • (1, Anthony Roux (Francaise des Jeux), 14:45)
  • 45, Ricardo Mestre, 1:23
  • 47, Romain Sicard, 1:25
  • 48, Pablo Urtasun, 1:26
  • 52, Rubén Pérez, 1:31
  • 88, Jure Kocjan, 2:24
  • 93, Ricardo García, 2:38
General classification:

  • (1, Jonathan Hivert (Sojasun), 16:29:35)
  • 34, Romain Sicard, 1:33
  • 44, Pablo Urtasun, 1:50
  • 66, Ricardo Mestre, 2:35
  • 69, Jure Kocjan, 2:48
  • 94, Rubén Pérez, 13:50
  • 98, Ricardo García, 15:31
Photo: Euskaltel Euskadi


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