Friday, February 08, 2013

Naturgas set for first race of 2013

Naturgas Energía will make their first competitive appearance of the season in France on Saturday and Sunday, sending nine riders to the Essor Basque in France.

The Essor Basque, the traditional kick-off race for the Fundación Euskadi's sub-23 team, will be held over six days, with teams and riders free to choose which ones to take part in.

The red and whites will toe the line in the first pair of races: Cambo-Tarnos, les boucles de l'Essor (Saturday), and Ustaritz-Ustaritz, le circuit de l'Essor (Sunday).

As per tradition, team management is more looking for the ridrs to learn from the event rather than to gt results.

"In this first race of the year, the goal for all the riders, especially so for those who'll make their first appearance in the amateur category, is to learn what it's like to ride in France", said DS Ion Lazkano. "It's another cycling culture to the Spanish one".

The roster reads as follows:
  • Chetout, Loic
  • Comins, Pablo
  • Estévez, Imanol
  • Etxeberría, Víctor
  • Gil, Noel
  • González del Campo, Óscar
  • Martín, Javier
  • Sáez de Ocariz, Eder
  • Trueba, Álvaro
It'll be Gil, González del Campo, Sáez de Ocariz and Trueba's debuts with their new team.

Photo: Fundación Euskadi


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