Monday, April 15, 2013

Vansummeren - Astarloza is an idiot

While Mikel Astarloza's breakaway heroics at Sunday's Amstel Gold Race drew praise from the majority of the cycling community, there was one rider who wasn't best pleased with the Euskaltel Euskadi rider.

Johan Vansummeren formed part of the original breakaway along with Astarloza, but the Garmin-Sharp rider was forced to give in when the 33-year-old from San Sebastián upped the pace and went for broke inside the final 40 clicks.

Upon crossing the line, the lanky Belgian let his frustration be known in a rare moment of straightforwardness.

"What an idiot Astarloza is", he told Danish cycling website Feltet. "We'd been riding together all day and suddenly he decides to go solo. Did he have any chance whatsoever in staying away? With that headwind, what he did was like riding straight into a wall. I struggled a bit at the Gulperberg, but if he'd just slowed down a bit we would have caught up again and we could have worked together against the wind on the flats".

And it gets worse.

"Well, he is a Spaniard after all. It's not for nothing they're experiencing an economic crisis. It's what happens when you don't use your head. He was also causing trouble before he took off. He was continuously leaving small gaps, sitting at the back and not taking turns. And then suddenly he just leaves us behind...".

For the record, Astarloza is yet to offer any sort of reply. And it'll probably stay that way.


Anonymous said...

vansummeren redneck

GermanEuskaltelFan said...

This interview confirms my opinion about Vansummeren. Just a dumbass and in addition to that an awfully bad rider, who can't ride one single hill.

Josh Buehner said...

wow. what a dick. and a casual racist. don't cry that you can't climb Shummy!

underthemint said...


Anonymous said...

Its not racism.Its ignorance...
Better cycle with his mouth shut...
Ohhh, by the way...I think that Belgium has a big economic problem too...Like netherlands and all the "lazy" guys from south...

Cheers from Greece!!!!

PS:Whatever someone says(from north), we live 30 minutes away from the sea!!!

arnout said...

What an idiot. That explains why he was dropped like a stone a few kms later, even from his other breakaway companions.

Chris said...

Vansummeren is a kind of silly boy. Last Tour he thought there were boni seconds in a Belgian tv show. He is not bad but he usually don't think about what he says. Attacking when others slow you down us very usual I think.

Anonymous said...

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