Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Best buds Basso and Sánchez climb the Angliru

They might be rivals in the upcoming Vuelta a España, but Ivan Basso and Samuel Sánchez teamed up yesterday to scout what's likely to be one of the race's deciding stages.

The penultimate stage of the Spanish GT takes in the famed, mythical and infamous Alto de Angliru - 12,2 kilometres long with an average gradient of 10,2 percent and a maximum of 23,5. Topping out as it does in the Euskaltel leader's home region of Asturias, Basso decided to call up Sánchez only a day after finalizing the Vuelta a Burgos to ask him if he'd be his personal guide.

Sánchez, always the gentleman, responded he'd be happy to. On Monday morning, the duo, accompanied by Cannondale DS Mario Chiesa, took off at 9:30 in the morning to recconoitre, first, the Cordal climb, then the Angliru. So reports Ciclismo en Asturias.

Having reached the top, Basso posted the picture above to his Twitter feed, captioning it: "Stage checked out along with Sánchez. Thanks for the ride, Samuel: a champion on the bike, a great person in life".

Photo: Twitter, @ivanbasso.


Josh Buehner said...

Later did Samu invite him out for pintxos, a drink, and a stroll around town? lol

Srsly tho, very professional & cordial. Samu just can't get any sweeter in our eyes if he saved a litter of kittens from a house fire!

Basso's the type of guy that would do the same in return as well. class

Magnus said...



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