Sunday, December 23, 2007

CAS to rule on Iban's future

The "Caso Mayo" is now finally in CAS' hands. The UCI issued a statement on their website, titled "Analysis of Iban Mayo’s B sample: the UCI's position".
It reads:

"Iban Mayo tested positive for EPO on 24 July 2007 during the Tour de France after analysis of an A sample by the Châtenay-Malabry National Anti-Doping Laboratory in Paris.
Following the announcement of this result, the Spanish rider requested an analysis of the B sample. The result of this analysis, conducted by the laboratory in Ghent due to holidays at the Châtenay-Malabry laboratory, could not be qualified as positive or negative.
The Spanish Federation then decided to terminate its disciplinary proceedings against Iban Mayo.

Considering the lack of a conclusive result one way or the other, the UCI requested the Châtenay-Malabry Laboratory to conduct a further analysis of the B sample.
This further test confirms the result of the analysis of the A sample, namely the presence of EPO.

The UCI has thus requested the Spanish Federation to reopen disciplinary proceedings against Iban Mayo for this clear breach of the anti-doping regulations.

The UCI has set a deadline for the Spanish Federation to take a position on this subject. In the event of its refusal to do so, the UCI will refer the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)."

Some days ago the Spanish Cycling Federation said "no can do", so the UCI has now officially gone to CAS to win this battle, reports Cyclingnews. They're doomed to lose it, but they've decided to give it a try anyway.

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