Monday, December 24, 2007

"Matxin" hits out at McQuaid

Saunier Duval head Joxean "Matxin" Fernández finally showed his anger with the way the UCI is treating Iban. He was especially critical of UCI chief Pat McQuaid, just like me, calling him "the worst thing for cycling". Here's what he said in full: "Pat McQuaid is the worst thing for cycling at the moment. He is destroying cycling, and nobody knows why. I gave him my support many times before, but not now." "Matxin" was also furious with the way his team keep getting bad publicity due to the UCI. Iban and Piepoli both tested "non-negative" in the Giro but, as they both had medical exemptions, there was no need for the UCI to go public with it. Things like that are not supposed to be made official, they're supposed to stay within the organisations when the riders in question have shown their "innocence". All they do is to destroy the reputation of the team and the riders alike, so for me, go to h*** UCI. Destroying the reputation of cycling is not what you're payed to do.


Anonymous said...

Hey Maxtin, if you want to support UCI now, you have to clean your team. It's time to renounce to Fuentes and other doctors, to product like HGH, EPO, insulin and steroid. It's time to not seek for new kind of those products... it's the end of the old days.
Maybe without you and your doped riders, the air would be fresher

Anonymous said...

Sign the wada petition against cheaters
OPE restored


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