Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Iban's 2008 calendar; not a good one

No, of course I haven't found his schedule somewhere on the net. This is my theory. In an ideal world, he'd do the Vuelta al País Vasco, the Ardennes Classics and the Tour. Something like that I think. The Giro was a success big time this year, but I doubt he'd do it again. Though, we don't live in an ideal world I'm afraid. My realistic theory: He'll be cleared sometime in late February by CAS. He'll be able to race again, but not really. The Spanish races will allow him to start. They love him. France, Belgium, Holland, Italy and those central-European countries don't, as the UCI told them not to. They'll be afraid to allow him to race as the consequences can be huge. The UCI don't like people who don't agree with them. There'll be no Tour, no Giro, no Ardennes Classics. He'll do the País Vasco perhaps, and then all the national races, like Asturias, Rioja, Alcobendas. It'll be a total mess, as Saunier will do everything to get him into the Tour and other big races. But they won't succeed, I'm convinced of that. He'll do a very small program. He'll get some wins, if he manages to motivate himself for those small races. I'm afraid he won't be able to that though, as Iban's a man for the big-stage, a man for the big occasions. But what do I know? I might be mistaken. I probably am. But it doesn't look good, does it?


azanca02 said...

I think that when he gets cleard he will be able to race, the UCI will try to keep him out just like they did with Valverde but they really can't. They are not the ones who are giving the prize money at the end of each race so it should be up to the organizers. No dought he will be "targeted", but I think we will see him more than we expect...at least I hope we do. And Hope everyone has Happy Holidays!! AUPA IBAN!!

Anonymous said...


I hope as well, we dont know yet.
Maybe he can race, but it is going to depend a lot of Saunier.

Anonymous said...

Saulnier with Iban would not be not invited at non-UCI events like TDF! Bye bye dopers!

Anonymous said...

Support WADA, sign the wada petition
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