Thursday, December 13, 2007

Samu may leave come 2009

Samu may leave Euskaltel come the end of next season. The 29-year-old all-rounder did not accept Euskaltel's first contract offer to extend beyond 2008, citing economical reasons. Samu then came with his own contract suggestion, to which Euskaltel are yet to reply. Madariaga has admitted there is a chance Samu will leave come the end of the upcoming campaign, and has said to DEIA that they'll answer Samu at January the 10th the latest; the day of the team's presentation. The difference between the two parties are only economical ones, as both would like to extend the cooperation. Well, Madariaga, Galdeano and all you other Euskaltel heads, I don't care how much money he wants, give it to him, break the bank. He's fundamentel to the success of the squad at present and in the future.


Monika said...

Euskaltel is not able to exit without him... let him go and you will see what will happen... no more victories, less money... bye bye.

If they let him go, Euskaltel WILL HAVE BEEN my favourite team.

Arnout said...

Euskaltel are in lack of money, they cannot do anything about it. So do not be angry at Euskaltel please.

But I believe that the Basque government will give Euskaltel some money if they really need it!

Magnus said...

Agree with you arnout, they'll probably do the best they can to keep him...


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