Saturday, December 22, 2007

Spain's got Iban's back

As expected, the Spanish Cycling Federation today confirmed they're on Iban's side in his fight with the UCI. A spokesman for the national federation said: "We're waiting for a war with the UCI. We don't want to go to CAS, but we are prepared to defend our rider". General secretary Eugenio Bermudez objected to the third test of the B-sample in Paris recently, saying "They wanted that second test because they are more interested in a result that works for them". Further, Bermudez defended the cyclists rights in cases like these: "What do we have to do to satisfy people? Change the laws? Destroy each cyclist's career? There are laws for everyone – cyclists, politicians, the UCI – and if Mayo had tested positive on that same day he would have been sanctioned. But the UCI are reading the rules in their own way, which just doesn't work for us." Enough said. Let the war begin.


Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting some representation going to show the RFEC the support for Mayo worldwide on this matter?

Anonymous said...


Problem is organicers, Iban is going to be free, but we dont know wich races is going to be able to start if UCI spoit it.
It is a similar case to Valverde, but Valverde has a big support betwen press and politicians in Spain, and the same for Caisse.

Anonymous said...

anyway, i don't think they will invite him to Tour. Maybe he can race in Vuelta or Giro, but the Tour is a completly different story

Magnus said...

I'm a bit more pesimistic than you guys it seems. I can't see him ride a GT ever again, perhaps the Vuelta, and no ASO races. No Pro Tour. Mainly just smaller Spanish races. It's a tragedy...

Arnout said...

But why Magnus? If he is cleared after all, there is no, I repeat no, legal reason why he cannot ride in the Tour!

And anonymous2, you see that the RFEC is totally behind Iban. They will support Iban the same as Valverde, I am sure. Remember the RFEC is the most important friend we have in this case!

Anonymous said...


Arnout, RFEC is going ti support Iban, I dont have any doubt on it.
I dont Know wich races he could race, but I hope the best. I dont mind Tour a lot, I prefer Giro, if possible, and Giro is no Pro Tour.
But the important thing is reputation, and in Spain, all the press and other thing are with Valverde, he is intouchable, for Iban, he has support, but not the same.
Anyway,if TAS ( CAS in english I think), say Iban is free, as espected, Iban should run all the races. I see Tour dificult anyway, but I dont mind. I hope Saunier suport him, but I am not sure.


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