Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Aitor reclaims climbers jersey in Suisse

On a hectid day in the Tour de Suisse, Aitor Hernández accomplished what he sat out to do: reclaiming the climbers jersey. The tenacious Aitor, who's finding his form at just the right time this year, started the stage only 1 point down on Pliuschin. Intent on taking it back, the whole team took control of the peloton in the last 30 kilometres to set Aitor up perfectly for the two climbs. The tactic proved successful as Aitor grabbed second place on the first time up the Regensberg behing Brice Feillu, who isn't, at least not yet, a danger in that particular aspect. Amets did a great job to squeeze ahead of Pliuschin to take third, meaning Aitor now leads the ranking by a single point. That's what team-work is all about. In the sprint for the win Pablo was, surprisingly, nowhere to be seen. But that was probably a blessing in disguise as Cavendish's reckless riding caused a big pile-up with 100 metres to go. Cav, Haussler, Boonen, Ciolek, Coyot and a few others crashed spectacularly in sight of the line, resulting in Petacchi surprisingly, and unwillingly it looked, taking stage honours. Pablo, JJ, Amets and, most importantly, Jonathan all came in with the peloton, meaning he's still ninth overall. Aitor, Koldo, Javier and Daniel all came in between 7 and 9 minutes down.


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