Saturday, June 19, 2010

Naturgas line-ups for Trucíos and Burgos

Naturgas will as usual send teams to two races this weekend. The impressive team in red will have to make do without possibly their three strongest riders, though, as Pello Bilbao, Aitor Ocampos and Mikel Bizkarra are, or in Aitor's case was, competing in the Baby Giro. Still their line-ups look good on paper at least.

Team for Saturday's Clásica de Trucíos: Rory Martínez, David Hidalgo, Álex Bilbao, Fernando Grijalba, Alberto Guinea, Mikel Martioda, Unai Martínez, Carlos Barbero, Igor Merino, Jon Larriñaga and Efrén Carazo.

Team for Sunday's GP de Burgos: Rory Martínez, Álex Bilbao, Carlos Barbero, Igor Merino, Fernando Grijalba, Alfonso Sáiz, Urtzi Legarra, Alberto Guinea, Unai Martínez, Andoni Sánchez, Efrén Carazo, David Hidalgo and Jon Larriñaga.

Saturday's race is one for the punchy riders as the last three kilometres are all uphill. The climb reaches a leg-breaking 20% gradient close to the line. Look for Grijalba and Barbero in particular to do well here. The race in Burgos is the opposite in terms of parcours, so watch out for fast-finishers like Legarra and Barbero or rouleurs like Merino and Larriñaga to leave their mark on the event.

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