Monday, June 07, 2010

Dauphiné prologue: Gorka impressive

Gorka Verdugo once again showed his time trialling capabilities have taken on another dimension recently by taking an excellent 12th in the Dauphiné prologue yesterday. Contador, who else, naturally won, but Gorka was no more than 15 seconds slower and thus faster than guys like Millar, Plaza, Peraud, Horner and Menchov. Impressive! As for designated overall candidate Samu it was not so much of a good day. Samu, so often strong in ITTs, completely missed out and finished an inexplicable 80th., a full 35 seconds back. Strange, let's hope he just took it easy. Or something... The other guys finished way back as well: Egoi, Jorge and Iñaki all recorded identical times to finish 74th, 76th and 78th respectively, one second ahead of Samu, while Romain ended up one second adrift of him. Alan was 103rd at 39 and Iván 142nd at 48.

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