Thursday, April 07, 2011

GP Pino Cerami

A young Euskaltel team put on a good performance in today's GP Pino Cerami, a relatively flat one-day race in Belgium held in the honour of Italian-born but naturalized Belgian Pino Cerami, who to this day is still the oldest rider ever to win a Tour de France stage. Pierre Cazaux successfully got into the break of the day and mopped up enough points on the day's climbs to win the climbers prize. Not bad from the Frenchman, but sadly the break was never really given a chance to stay away. Bert Scheirlinckx, who was so impressive in Vlaanderen last Sunday, escaped to grab the win. A group consisting of approximately 20 riders came in 59 seconds down to grab 6th through 27th. Castroviejo, still in good form, sprinted to a highly creditable 12th place and was thus the team's highest finisher. Jon Izagirre also had a good day out there today, taking 56th at 1:31. His brother, Gorka, evidently abandoned as he doesn't figure on the results sheet. Full results:

  • 12th, Jonathan Castroviejo, 0:59
  • 56th, Jon Izagirre, 1:31
  • 63rd, Javier Aramendía, 2:24
  • 66th, Miguel Minguez, 6:04
  • 67th, Daniel Sesma, s.t.
  • 92nd, Alan Pérez, 10:22
  • 93rd, Pierre Cazaux, s.t.


Anonymous said...

Bert Scheirlinckx is the brother of Staf, who finished 8th in Tour of Flandres. They always have some nice family competition: if one performs well, the other one also wants to do a nice race soon.

Bert also rode the Tour of Flandres but came in 31st.

Magnus said...

Ah, I see, I keep mixing those to up!


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