Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday round-up

  • Alan Pérez and Miguel Míngues both reached the hallowed Roubaix velodrome in today's Hell of the North. The former finished 103rd at 17:42 after avoiding the multiple crashes and mishaps underway. Sylf-like climber Minguez sadly finished outside the time-limit but still performed admirably to finish a race not exactly suited to his characteristics.
  • Jon Larrinaga grabbed an impressive third place for Naturgas Energía in today's Torneo Lehendakari-race in Igantzi. 22-year-old Caja Rural rider Yelko Gómez, born in Panama, once again showed his considerable promise by taking the win solo, two seconds ahead of a peloton lead home by Seguros Bilbao rider Salas and Larrinaga. Igor Merino completed a good day for the reds by taking seventh.
  • Igor Antón and Amets Txurruka both went for broke in today's Klasika Primavera. The former, who was second here last year, tried to go it alone on the last two climbs along with the ever-aggressive Etxebarria native, but none of them managed to stay away. Eventually it came down to a sprint between 15 riders, a sprint in which Txurruka took 7th and Antón 11th. Velasco wasn't far behind in 22nd place, while R Pérez, Azanza, Nieve and Isasi all finished at exactly 2:11 in 32nd, 33rd, 35th and 43rd place. Orbea rider Víctor Cabedo, new to the team this year, took a mightily impressive fifth place, showing his nice turn of speed. García was 20th, Sáez 34th, Bizkarra 72nd, Martín 84th, Urain 88th and Etxebarria 89th. Mikel Bizkarra spent most of the day off the front as part of the day's main breakaway.


Vegard said...

Igor's form is building up nicely for the Giro, I really think he can provide us some exceptional riding in the italian mountains in May. Maybe he can put up some good performances in hilly benelux-countries as well! :)

arnout said...

Yeah, I was a bit worried about him but he seems to be right on track.


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