Saturday, April 09, 2011


  • Juanjo Oroz has revealed he only reached the hospital where his pregnant wife was to have their first child three minutes before she gave birth. The 30-year-old drove all the way from Lekunberri, where the third stage of País Vasco ended, to the hospital in Pamplona and got there just in time, writes El Diario Vasco. Now that's what I call timing. Oihan is the kid's name. Can't say I've ever heard that name before, but it sounds kind of cool. According to the proud father, both child and wife are doing fine.
  • Orbea will send 10 riders to Sunday's Udaberri Saria de Zornotza (or just the Klasika Primavera if you like): Aberasturi, Bagües, Bizkarra, Cabedo, Etxebarria, García, Martín, Sáez, Urain and Zabalo.
  • Naturgas Energía will line up in Sunday's race in Igantzi with the stated goal of accumulating points for the Torneo Lehendakari overall race series. According to DS Arberas it's a "very nice race on an undulating course", and he's decided to field the following riders: Ardaiz, Barbero, Baudron, Carazo, Chetôut, García, González, Grijalba, Guinea, Larrinaga, Martínez and Merino.

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