Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ocampos returns from injury

Promising Naturgas Energía rider Aitor Ocampos finally returned to competition on Sunday after a collarbone fracture had sidelined him for almost two full months. The Gipuzkoan, who got to ride with Orbea last October as a reward for winning the 'Best Basque'-category at the Three Days of Álava, suffered the misfortune in the Trofeo Euskaldun race in Zumaia on 26 February and hasn't raced since. Speaking after finishing last in Durana on Sunday, the law and economics student was in a surprisingly upbeat mood when contacted by el Diario Vasco. "I feel I've learned to take advantage of the opportunities as they come along", he said. "After this I appreciate more the fact that I'm able to train and can take part in races. The injury has also taught me to stay relaxed and to do the best I can with what's at my disposal." While acknowledging that he's still short on form, and especially so on the climbs, the allrounder was looking ahead and hoping for better times. "I doubt that I can take part in the Vuelta a Bidasoa", he lamented, "but the summer has only just begun and I always feel better at this time of year compared to the other seasons". Drawing on the positives of being forced off the bike in such a crucial part of a very crucial season for him, Ocampos told the San Sebastián daily that at least he's now well prepared for the closing exams coming up at school.

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